Are you maximizing your investment in Google AdWords?

Let us help you maximize your investment with ongoing maintenance and monitoring of your Google AdWords Account.

With our maintenance and monitoring packages, we analyze your AdWords account performance against best practices and continuously improve your accounts performance. We do this by adjusting your budget price for all your keywords, Ads, Campaigns as well as use targeting to make sure you are not wasting your budget in demographics or locations which you do not want to target. We can also use negative keywords to make sure you don’t waste your budget on services or products your business does not supply.

As part of our packages, we provide reports on the current status of your campaigns and analytics on their performance, so you have a good understanding on where your money is spent as well as reporting on conversions, for example, how many users go from your home page to your contact page, or read more into your services. We can provide detailed reporting to how many users are ‘bouncing’ off the home page.

Using these detailed figures, we can be sure we know exactly what your campaign is doing and the best way forward to maximize your investment in Google AdWords.

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