Not sure how to target customers with your website?

We provide Keyword and Market Research on how your customers search for your service or product with all Gold Coast SEO Packages!

We use state of the art tools to investigate how your potential customers are searching. We determine the customers searching habits, what type of device they are searching from (Mobile, Computer, and Tablet), what time they are searching and where they are searching from.

This will help us determine how your SEO campaign is structured. Based on the information we retrieve, we can define the most successful keywords to use (Search terms your potential customers are using to find your product or service), This also helps us improve the structure of your website, based around the keywords and market research, as well as how to target the content on your website to be the most appealing for the reader, and to engage them to make contact with you for your services/products.

As part of our rich reporting and metrics, we can show how your site is going and where the improvement using our newly found keywords has affected your site. As part of our reporting and metrics we can also show you how other keywords can potentially affect your sites performance.

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Competitor research

Like to rank as quickly as possible but not sure how?

All of our Gold Coast SEO Packages include industry leading tactics and tools to analyse your well ranking competitor’s websites, and use their successful campaign strategy to boost your site.

Our Gold Coast SEO Competitor Research helps us find out what is working well for your competitors that rank highly, and use some of their tactics. This is really effective in ranking quickly. This can sometimes include finding out what directories they have been submitted to, and submit links to your company to the directory. We use this method to find a lot of relevant subject matter links, to help build clean and relevant links back to your site, sometimes this can even include putting links to your company on competitor’s websites.

This majorly cuts the time needed to rank your website well. This ensures we have a high success rate when ranking a website that is relatively new or without any major optimization already.

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