Want your business to show up on Google Maps?

Our Gold Coast SEO packages include Google Places optimization submits your business with the required information to google maps.

With our Gold Coast SEO Services we perform Google Places Optimization, we handle the rigmarole of submitting, verifying and optimizing your places account. Google places (Google Local) is the short search results and map results that generally have your address and phone number below the results at most location based searches. We optimize this profile with all your business contact details including address, phone number as well as other useful information like payment options, parking available, hours of operation etc.
This is a useful way of providing your customers with quick information about your business when they need to find you fast.

Want your business to show up on more affiliate websites?

Included in your Gold Coast SEO package, we submit your website to all relevant local listings and directories to improve your visibility online.

We submit your site to relevant local listings during the setup of your Gold Coast SEO Package. This is a good way to gain exposure to people who don’t generally use your site or even know about it. It’s also a good way of getting your name out on these affiliate or local directory sites. Links on these sites positively affect your sites search position as they are basically referrals to your website from the affiliate sites. As the links would have other sites listed for the same type of business you perform, they are classed generally as relevant back links as it’s on topic with other businesses in the same business you are in.
For more information on our Local Listing or Gold Coast SEO Packages, please contact us.