Not sure if your website is giving search engines what they need to correctly evaluate your site?

All Gold Coast SEO Services from Evolved Business Solutions include a full site audit to find where your website can be doing better!

One of the most important things for ranking a website higher is the on page information. On Page is the content, structure and code of your website. This tells the search engine things like
• What files and directories it can and cannot search
• What pages are on the website?
• What and how much content is on each page?
• What content is relevant and to what category
• What to display when displaying your results
• Is it mobile optimized?

After your Gold Coast SEO site audit, we carefully make the required changes to your site to boost its level of ‘relevance’ to the search engines. Most changes during this process are ‘behind the scenes’ and you will not notice any changes to the actual website. Other ways we optimize your on page performance is by optimizing the keywords and content using the content and market research we performed earlier to make sure your content is easy to read, stimulating and engaging. We optimize your content to be appealing to the customer and make them want to read more or contact you.
Contact us for any further information on our Gold Coast SEO services.