Don’t know how your site is actually performing?

As part of our Gold Coast SEO Packages we provide rich reports every month on the ongoing performance and status of your website.

Knowing how your website is performing is crucial to a successful marketing strategy. This is why we provide detailed and thorough reports on your websites performance each month. This is a differentiator of our Gold Coast SEO Services verse our competitors.
With our reports you will find out information like;-
• Monthly Visitors
• New vs. Reoccurring visitors
• Length of visit
• How many pages the customer visited
• If they went to your site directly or from an affiliate site
• If they came from social media
• Where the customers are from (country and city)
• What they are viewing your website on (phone / tablet / computer)

On request we can also dig down and find out more about their visit, with our analytics service.
Our reports are graphical and colourful, showing you the information that is important and why it is important is clear and visible.
The reports, not only show your months history of visitors but how the website is performing in the search engine rankings including previous positions and current positions.
For more information on our reporting services and Gold Coast SEO Services, please contact us.

Have you got analytical data about your customers but not sure what it means?

We can help explain in detail all analytical data, and how you can harness it to better improve the experience for your customers

Analytics can be setup and run on your website to tell you more information about your customers and their experience on your website. It records all aspects of the customer’s engagement with your website and brand. This includes some things like
• Country of Origin
• Suburb / City of Origin
• Browser type
• Device Type
• Length of stay on your website
• If they are a reoccurring visitor
• Language of their operating system
• Search term used to find your site
• Referring website

This information is paramount to optimizing your site to target users and improve their experience on your website.
In our Gold Coast SEO Packages we use the information in details, to find out information like, what page on your website they are leaving (for example, if they get to your prices page, and think the price is too high, they may leave your website, and this may be a common occurrence.) You could counteract this, by on your pricing page, set the price to contact us for a quote. This would give you an established connection to the customer and gain a better relationship with that customer. In the situation provided, your prices for example may be higher but you may offer a better customer service, which you can let the customers know when they are in contact with you, in essence it allows you to sell your product better.
As above, it allows you to find what your customers find unappealing about your website / product / services and improve their experience by putting more relevant content / getting in contact with them.
For more information on our analytical interpretation or gold coast SEO services, please contact us.