Want to let the search engines about new pages on your website?

During setup of your Gold Coast SEO package, we submit sitemaps and make sure all your publically viewable files are index able by the major search engines

We make sure both your sitemaps are in correct format and can be read by all the major search engines correctly without errors. Sitemaps are a listing of your websites files, they are a map of your website, designed to give people and search engines visibility of the entire listing of your pages on your website. We cross verify this with your HTML sitemap to make sure all content is being picked up and delivered to the search engines.
After submitting your site to the major search engines we check the search engines do not have any problems indexing your site and make sure all links are valid. This also covers any HTML code issues that may be causing invalidity.
Any issues, we resolve as quickly as possible and notify the search engine that picked up the error that it has been fixed, and verify it has not detected another issue, making your site as clean as possible for the search engine to index.
We also check the structure of your robots.txt to make sure that it is not telling any of the search engines not to look at your website. Robots.TXT is a file that you can control where the search engine “spiders” crawl. If you have a directory on your website of customer information, you will likely not want any of the search engines to index this, so you can use robots.txt to limit where the search engines can look. We confirm with you if you have any information you don’t want indexed and configure the robots.txt file around your requirements.
For any more information about our submitting and verification process or our Gold Coast SEO Packages in general, please feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to help explain this in more detail.